Intruder alarms


Ronby Security assesses particular risks that your premises may present and build a solution around them, with leading edge technology. Ronby Security ensures that your system is user-friendly, trouble free and effective in protecting your home or business, employees, visitors, information and assets. Our systems deter intruders and protect your most valuable assets.


System Grades

Four Grades of alarm system exist, based on increasing levels of resilience against attack by

intruders with anticipated levels of knowledge and tools.

Grade 1: Intruders expected to have little knowledge and limited tools. Alarm is suitable for a low risk.

Grade 2: Intruders expected to have limited knowledge and some tools. Alarm is suitable for a low to medium risk

Grade 3: Intruders expected to have knowledge and full range of tools. Alarm is suitable for medium to high risk.

Grade 4: Intruders expected to have sophisticated knowledge and tools. Alarm is suitable for a high risk.

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